Youth Search

Judson Baptist is currently in search of a part time interim youth minister.  This position has the potential of becoming permanent part time.  A copy of the job description is below and a link to submit an application/resume.

To apply send a resume to:

Minister to Youth (Part Time) – Interim

1. Title – Part time, Interim Student Minister

2. Purpose

The Part Time Student Minister meets specific ministry needs of the Judson Baptist Church student population,

defined as grades 6 through 12, in order to build a student COMMUNITY desiring ENGAGEMENT in church ministries,

thereby reflecting the character of Christ through discipleship.

3. Accountability

The Youth Minister is responsible to the Pastor as church visionary and staff supervisor.

4. Qualifications

• Strong calling for student ministry, as evidenced by experience, oral interview, or written testimony

• Excellent interpersonal skills

• Supervisory experience managing volunteers

• Excellent organizational and multi-tasking skills

• Flexible prioritization ability

• Excellent public speaking & group facilitation skills

• Appropriate professional attitude & appearance

• Desire & ability to maintain confidentialities except when legally obligated to report incidents to appropriate


• Independent worker requiring little or no supervision; a strong self-starter

• Understanding & agreeing with the mission/calling of Judson Baptist Church

5. Education, training, experience

• College graduate from an accredited college or university, preferred but not required

• Experience in church youth ministry

6. Personal Characteristics

• A Christ-centered, Biblically rooted, warm-hearted faith expressed in loving, joyful, healthy relationships and

a willingness to share his/her personal experience with Christ

• A clear passion to draw uncommitted persons into a living relationship with Christ

• An excited commitment to the mission of Judson Baptist Church

• A visionary, able & willing to seek out effective means for fulfilling our church mission

• A team player who works well with church staff and effectively manages volunteers

• A personal commitment to the spiritual heritage, doctrine, and social principles of Southern Baptist beliefs

• A Christian character evidenced by prayer life, spiritual discipline, and church life participation

• A sense of humor and a submissive, forgiving, loving humility towards all

• A high-energy zeal for growing the student ministry

• A committed Christian exemplifying high personal integrity; intelligent, open-minded & emotionally stable

7. Duties and Responsibilities


• Participates in annually recognizing high school & college graduates

• Participates in church service follow-up reports and testimonies about camp or mission trip experiences, in

cooperation with the pastor and worship leader.

Student Ministry, Discipleship, Missions and Evangelism

• Assist any ministry group as requested (when possible)

• Select/train a youth ministry council to support and implement youth ministry goals.

• Form working teams to assist funding-raising events or programs, or delegate such tasks to competent


• Manage the weekly Wednesday night youth service, including game & Bible study preparation, music & small

group activities coordination.

• Participate in planning Sunday School and small group student ministry activities

• Schedule & plan the following events and activities:

a. Youth Summer Camp (ex. Crossroads).

b. Youth Evangelism Conference (November)

c. Disciple Now weekend, in coordination with other churches (ex. through ELBA via the FORGE DNOW

weekend or through Istrouma Baptist Church’s 225 DNOW weekend)

d. An additional yearly outing or activity (ex. a girls or boys retreat, youth conference, etc.) as determined

by an aspect of student ministry with great need or momentum

e. Annual missions activity, either planned or in response to need (local and/or long distance)

• Train students in witnessing techniques with practice in hands-on faith sharing

• Offer equipping opportunities for those who feel a vocational call to ministry

• Recruit, train and involve adult leaders to help facilitate these ministries as needed

• Participate in planning & implementing community wide evangelistic events.

8. Administrative Duties

• Participates in performance appraisals with the Personnel Committee

• Provides weekly material for the church newsletter & bulletin

• Procures needed supplies for ministry using the most efficient and economical means available

• Keeps abreast of all travel requirements relating to youth; maintains required paperwork, licenses, etc. up to


• Follows proper and reimbursement request procedures

• Attends meetings as required

• Shares in maintaining a neat and orderly church office