God's Word for Difficult Times

A series of messages and videos to encourage you during difficult times.

As Louisiana became one of the hot spots for the covid-19 pandemic, churches were challenged to find new ways to minister while sticking strong to the same old faith.

A Message of Hope from the Pastor

Getting ready for difficult times

March 18, 2020

David Lane

Just after the governor's stay-at-home mandate

A Source of Hope in Difficult Times

part 1

Romans 15:13

March 22, 2020

David Lane

A Source of Hope in Difficult Times

part 2

Romans 5:1-5

March 29, 2020

David Lane

Living for God in Difficult Times

Romans 6:8-14

April 5, 2020

David Lane

Preparing To Pray in Difficult Times

Part 1

James 5:16, Psalm 139:23-24; I John 1:9

Lea Anne Lane

April 5, 2020

Getting Read for Easter in Difficult Times

A Resurrection Challenge

Matthew 22:23-33

David Lane

April 7, 2020

Celebrating the Resurrection in Difficult Times

I Am the Resurrection

John 11:25-26

Easter Sunrise Service

April 12, 2020

David Lane

Keeping the Faith

as a Body of Believers

in Difficult Times

Ephesians 4:1-6

Easter, April 12, 2020

David Lane

Video of the Judson family: 'Where's The Church?'

What is God Doing in Difficult Times?

In difficult times God is helping and working.

Romans 8:26-30

April 19, 2020

David Lane

Finding God in Difficult Times

Romans 10:6-13

April 26, 2020

David Lane

God Speaks in Difficult Times

May 3, 2020

David Lane

Hospitality in Difficult Times

Romans 12:12-13

Mother's Day

May 10, 2020

David Lane

Gathering The Church In Difficult Times

Romans 13

May 17, 2020

David Lane



Romans 1:25

May 31, 2020

David Lane

Supernatural Living

In Difficult Times

Romans 12:1-2

Onsite: May 31, 2019

Online: June 7, 2019

David Lane