a sermon series from

The Gospel of Luke


Each message is complemented by the

Small Group studies in "Explore The Bible"

"so that you may know the certainty

of the things you have been taught."

Luke 1:4

In a world constantly doubting its leaders, its traditions, and its sources of truth, The Gospel of Luke can enable you to live with certainty about who Jesus is and the benefits of a secure faith.

Sermon Series Trailer

Message #1

How To Pray With Certainty

December 6, 2020

David Lane

Message #2

Facing Impossibility With Certainty

December 13, 2020

David Lane

Message #3

Good News In Uncertain Times

December 20, 2020

David Lane

Message #4

Waiting For Christ In Uncertain Times

December 27, 2020

David Lane

Message #5

Certain Purpose Changing Plans

January 3, 2021

David Lane

Message #6

REPENTANCE  The Forgotten Part Of The Gospel

January 10, 2021

David Lane

Message #7

Finding Christ In A Post-Christian World

January 17, 2021

David Lane

Message #8

Following Means Leaving

January 24, 2021

David Lane