JBC Caring & Learning Center and Judson Baptist Church are in search of a Director for the JBC Caring & Learning Center (weekly daycare and preschool program).

Thank you for considering the position of Director at JBC.  To help you discern the Lord's direction please carefully read the director job description below and also become familiar with the mission, vision, and ministry plan of Judson Baptist Church:  /about

If you feel the Lord leading you to apply for the position, please send a resume to the JBC C&L Committee by July 1, 2022:  jbcclcommittee@gmail.com

JBC Caring and Learning Center Director

Job Description

Objective: To fulfill the mission of Judson Baptist Church and pursue the vision of JBC Learning and Caring Center through effective administration, personnel administration and development, program oversight, and facility enhancement. 

  • The Mission of JBC Caring & Learning Center is the same as Judson Baptist Church: To make disciples of Jesus Christ who love God and love people.
  • The Vision of JBC Caring & Learning Center: To provide the highest quality of care and education of children that is child-centered, holistic and values children as individuals through a faith-based program.

Reports to: The JBC Caring and Learning Center Committee and/or Pastor or Pastoral staff designated by Pastor.  Formal evaluation will be performed annually by the JBC Caring & Learning Center Committee.

Present enrollment: 180 children

Salary Range: 55K to 65K depending on qualifications and experience.



  • The Director shall be one who has received Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord and who seeks to live all of life under His Lordship.
  • Sense of call and passion for ministry with preschool aged children and their families that is grounded in a love for Jesus Christ
  • The Director shall be or willing to become an active member of Judson Baptist Church, being present in weekly worship, a small group study, and support the ministries of the church.
  • Has obtained or will promptly obtain childhood education director qualifications under Louisiana Early Learning Center licensing regulations.
  • Preferably a 4-year college degree in Early Childhood Education and/or 5 years of experience in similar setting (but no less than state license requirements).
  • Excellent communication skills for interpersonal and electronic communication.
  • Experience preferred in administration, budgeting, and supervision in the management of a preschool/daycare setting.
  • Knowledge of Christian education, curriculum planning and programming, and compliance with all local and state licensing requirements and regulations.
  • A high regard for integrity and confidentiality.



  • Manage day-to-day activities at daycare and preschool
  • Create instructional resources for use in the daycare/preschool classroom.
  • Develop academic programs.
  • Monitor students and teachers for progress.
  • Train, encourage, and mentor teachers and other staff.
  • Administer financial and state record keeping.
  • Supervise daycare/preschool teachers and other support staff.
  • Maintain rapport with parents.
  • Handle tours and marketing.
  • Prepare budgets and reports (monthly and annual).
  • Work actively with teachers to maintain high curriculum standards.
  • Establish performance goals and objectives.
  • Explain and answer procedural questions.
  • Conduct regular staff meetings.
  • Hire, train, and evaluate daycare/preschool teachers.
  • Visit all classrooms and observe teaching methods weekly.
  • Ensure the office/desk is manned by administrative team members during open hours.
  • Examine learning materials.
  • Review instructional objectives and adjust accordingly.
  • Meet with other administrators, parents, and community organizations.
  • Communicate with JBCCLC Committee, pastoral staff and meet with them regularly.
  • Attend all church business meetings.
  • Attend continuing education in professional and staff development.