for adults, children, & youth

Small Groups for Adults


Judson has 3 categories of groups programs for adults.

NOTE: We do not expect church members to be in all 3 types of groups at the same time, but we do encourage you to be in at least one!


Sunday School Groups

Sunday school classes meet on Sunday mornings at the church facilities from 9:15 to 10:15 AM and use a quarterly teaching guide.  Children and youth classes are age graded, while adult classes are more organized around the seasons of life.  Sunday school classes are considered ‘open’ which means that guests and/or new members are welcome any Sunday.  Class size may range from a few to as many as 20 attenders.  For more info go to:  /groups/sunday-school-groups


Short-term Groups

Short-term groups offer you the opportunity to explore a topic with a group of people that share a common goal so you can grow together in life-changing ways.  Short-term groups meet weekly for about 6 to 8 weeks to explore one topic.  In the past all groups met on Sunday night at the church but now groups may meet in homes or at the church facilities and will range in size from a few to 20 or more.  A short-term group may be ‘open’ always accepting new attenders or ‘closed’ going through a short study that a new attender would be lost if coming in half-way.  For more info go to: /groups/short-term-groups


Community Groups

In a Community Group, 8 to 12 adults meet regularly in someone’s home for 1 and ½ to 2 years to pursue spiritual growth and healthy relationships.  Groups choose from approved curriculums for the Bible Study time, working their way through such topics as relationships and or marriage, finances, theology, spiritual growth, evangelism, and community.  Community Groups are considered, ‘closed’ groups in that no new members come in after the group gets started so that authentic relationships can be developed.  For more info go to: /groups/community-groups

Small Groups for Children

Judson has 2 weekly small groups programs for children:


AWANA gives children the opportunity to know, love, and serve Jesus.  It is a fun-filled Bible focused program.  AWANA meets on Wednesday nights during the school year and takes a night off whenever school is out.


Sunday school meets every Sunday from 9:15 AM to 10:15 AM.  Sudents are divided up into age graded classes comprised of all boys or all girls.  Each class is taught by adults.

For more information about children's ministries @ JUDSON, go to: /ministries/childrens-ministry

Small Groups for Youth

Judson has 3 small group programs for youth:

Sunday School

As described above for adults, Sunday School meets on Sunday Mornings from 9:15 AM to 10:15 AM where the group will fellowship together for a while and then go through quarterly Bible study curriculum lead by an adult teacher.  Groups are age graded and divided into boys and girls.

Short-term Groups

Short-term groups for youth are like the short-term groups for adults except the members are youth with the leader being an adult or an older youth.  All short term groups for youth are 'open,' like Sunday School, meaning they will receive guests or new members at any time.

Community Group

Periodically the youth minister will form a community group with some of the older youth, similar to the one described above for adults.  This is a closed group that meets for a year or longer.

For more information about youth ministries at JUDSON go to:  /ministries/youth-ministry