Community groups are up and running now with several meeting in homes around the  area!

As our community group ministry grows we will have a GroupLinks meeting in the future for anyone interested in being in newly forming groups.  Meanwhile be sure to check out one of the short-term groups or a Sunday School class.

If you want to grow in your relationship with Jesus, you need to have intentional realtionships with people who have the same goal -  and a Community Group is the ideal place for that.  In a Community Group, eight to twelve adults in the same stage of life meet regularly for a year and a half to two years to pursue spiritual growth and healthy relationships.  You'll be encouraged to live out the truths you discover in the Bible as you encourage others to do the same.  

Community Groups are considered 'closed' groups in that no new members come in after the group gets started so that authentic relationships can be developed.  After 18-24 months the group disbands and multiple new groups are formed.

Community groups can choose from a list of approved curriculums for the Bible Study time working their way through such topics as relationships and/or marraige, finances, theology, spiritual growth, evangelism, and community.

We offer the following formats for Community Groups:

Married Couples Community Groups

Men's and Women's Community Groups

If you want to find out more about what a Community Group is then download and read the following documents:

Community Group Covenant

Community Group Strategy

If you are interested in being a Commuinity Group leader then download the application, fill it out and turn it in to the Discipleship Training Director or one of the Staff.

Community Group Leader Application